Upcoming Reunions


From: Judy Nicholson
Sent: Monday, January 1, 2024
Subject: Our coming year

Hello Dear Classmates,  Just a little note to say hi and wish you the best in our coming new year.

Please save the date of 9/10/24 !  This is the date of our next class reunion.  We will now be having an annual luncheon get together at the Salish Cliffs Golf Course clubhouse at Little Creek Casino.  There is no set time, but we will all be ordering for ourselves off the menu.  Your committee will be getting there before noon to set up the memorialbilia for all to see and enjoy, so you can choose your time.  It is just going to be a casual affair of visiting and enjoying each others company.  

This reunion will happen every year on the second Tuesday of September at the same place.  This way you can plan ahead.  Some will be able to come each year, but some will have to skip from time to time, but they know that it will be the same time the next year.  So please keep us up to date with your contact info so we don't miss any of you.  Thank you.  Reminders will be sent closer to the date too.

Again, wishing you the very best in this new year!

Your Reunion Committee


Everyone should have received this message from Judy via ClassCreator, but, just in case someone did not, I am posting it again, although rather belated.....sorry sad. Dan H. 12/29/2023

From: Judy Nicholson <noreply@classcreator.net>
Sent: Monday, October 30, 2023 1:24 PM
Subject: Class Reunion

Hello Classmates,

     As fall has arrived and the holidays are fast approaching, your reunion committee wants you to know that we were so glad our reunion was enjoyed.  We sure missed those of you who could not attend.  But those of us who did come had a wonderful time visiting and painting rocks and enjoying all the delicious food provided by all of us.  We basically just visited in the beautiful setting of Alderbrook.  One of our favorite places.  Brought back memories of our 20th reunion there.

     Another thing we did at the reunion was take a vote on what to do next regarding our reunions.  We're too old to be waiting five years anymore, so we voted to now do a yearly lunch.  This lunch will be on the same DAY of the same MONTH every year, regardless of the actual date of that day.  And that time is the SECOND TUESDAY of SEPTEMBER every year from now on.  Which means our next reunion is:      TUESDAY,  SEPTEMBER 10th, 2024 @ 1:00 PM.

     We will be meeting at the SALISH CLIFFS GOLF COURSE CLUBHOUSE at LITTLE CREEK CASINO.  We will each be buying our own lunch and drinks, but we can all gather there and sit where we want and visit for as long as we want.  It will be very informal and lots of fun.  And if need be, you can always stay at the casino.  The time is also flexible.  We chose afternoon to give those of you who have a distance to come an easier time, but really you can come before 1:00.  The committee will be there earlier than 1:00 just to get the memorabilia set up and get settled.  So write it on your planners!

We wish you a Happy Halloween and a wonderful Thanksgiving and a joyous Christmas  and an exciting New Year.  If you have any questions, please email:  pcco6@comcast.net and we'll answer.  And, as always, also please email if you have any changes to your contact info.  We try very hard to keep up with everyone...at least with everyone who wants to stay in touch with our class.  We hope you all also use our website.

     Y'all take care and know that you are loved,

     Your Reunion Committee