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•   Martin Felix  6/25
•   Janet Steinberg (Dishon)  6/27
•   Ed Pierce  6/29
•   Merrily Weston (Mills)  7/4
•   Marlene Elaine "Mickey" Cleveland (Norris)  7/7
•   Jana Runnion (Ward)  7/8
•   Tom R. Wingard  7/11
•   LeaAnne Armstrong  7/13
•   George Johnson  7/22


•   Janet Steinberg (Dishon)  1/15
•   Arla Marr (Kohler)  8/15
•   Rene' Fain (LaMont)  1/22
•   Bob Tabke  1/19
•   Marlene Elaine "Mickey" Cleveland (Norris)  1/29
•   Lynne Scott Stevens (Lenhart)  2/28
•   Pat "Patty" Hester (duToit, duTwah)  11/1
•   Pat Booth (Sann)  10/31
•   Daryl Dewell (Dewell)  10/5
•   Geral "Jerry" Rodgers  9/16
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                        Summer Soltice Thursday, June 20, 2024         



      What's Happening ? ...... 





Upcoming  Reunions: 

There has been a "big" change in the way and frequency of our class reunions will be held in the coming years. The details are posted under "Reunions/Upcoming Reunions" on the left side of this page. Please take a look. We think this will help make it easier to attend a reunion, at least once in awhile, so we can enjoy one anothers company once again, have some good laughs, recall cherished remembrances, and just plain catch-up on what we have been up these past years. 

As a teaser, the next reunion will be a luncheon scheduled for Tuesday, September 10th, 2024 @ 1:00pm at the Salish Cliffs Golf Course Clubhouse at Little Creek Casino in Shelton.   smiley

NOTE: A new message was sent on Jan. 1, 2024 about the reunion  to everyone through the Class Website, and is posted under  "Reunions/Upcoming Reunions".

60th  Reunion : 

Our class reunion at the Alderbrook Resort on beautiful Hood Canal, September 12th, 13th and 14thsmiley


A huge thank you to everyone for all of your help and support during our reunion.  What a blessing you all are!  We are missing some in our photos because of timing.  When I got home, I counted the donations and drove down to the museum and turned in $150!  They were very appreciative.  What a wonderful time we had together! (Judy Nicholson)

Note: Photos and other 60th reunion highlights will be posted as available under the  "Reunions" tab on the left side of this page  smiley.


55th Reunion

And the consensus is.....What a ball of fun!!

Thank you Judy Nicholson for being the fearless and tireless leader in putting together this truely wonderful and memorable event.

(See some new photos and video clip on the 55th Reunion page)

(click image to expand)

(click image to expand)


1963 Saghalie online - go to sub-section (or click on >>)   "Remembering Our Past"


"Irene S. Reed Class of '63 Reunion Group"
Join the Class Facebook group at

















 "Classmate News Highlights"

    (go to Classmate News for full details)



1. Please check the Truant Classmates page for the list of classmates that are missing, and/or classmate's contact info(email, etc) are missing.   Contact  Dan Harvey or Bill LeDrew if you can provide additional information on locating them. Thanks Guys!

2. Upcoming Birthdays List: In order to have your birthday shown in the list "you" must enter your date of birth in your profile yourself. Due to the way the programming is setup by ClassCreator,  admin people cannot enter it for you. You must at least enter the day and month.  P.S. If you are uncertain of who entered your birth date, delete it from from profile, save the deletion and then reenter the date.

3. See additional notic es and login instructions at the bottom of this page.


    So very sad to have to report that Jim Orr passed away February 6, 2024 at his home in Lander, WY. Jim's obiturary is posted in the "In Memory" page. We are trying to gather further information on what happened to Jim that caused his death. If anyone has details, please pass them on to us. Also, post comments and memories about Jim to the In Memory page.  Our deepest sympathies to his family for their loss. Jim will always be in our hearts and memories. Rest in Peace dear classmate and friend. heart


   Judy Nicholson was recently informed by Gerry Roberts that our dear classmate, Monica "Nikki" Coles-Overbey, passed way Feb 2, 2024 in a Longview, WA  memory care facility. Gerry got word from Nikki's daughter, Natalia, about Nikki. This information is also posted on the class Facebook page at: . We don't have any other information at this time, so pass along anything you find, or hear, or post it on Facebook, or this websites In Memory Page. Our thoughts and prayers are with Nikki's family. Rest in Peace dear friend and classmate heart.

Update: Judy Nicholson mentioned that Nikki's obituary was just posted in the February 14th edition of the Shelton-Mason County Journal. It has been added to Nikki's In Memory page. What a beautiful summary of Nikki's life . heart


     Judy Nicholson was recently informed by Marilyn Hughes that our dear classmate, Monna Barger Mikkelsen, passed way July 13, 2023. Monna's daughter, Ronda Cox, told Marilyn that her mom  died from complications of strokes she suffered, and a head injury while in a care faciltiy the past 6-7 months. The email correspondence explaining Monna's situation and the lose it has caused family and friends will be provided in the "In Memory Page". Please post on the In Memory page any comments you have and/or send them on to one of the reunion committee members so we can post it. Rest in Peace, Monna, and our love, thoughts and prayers to her family heart.

Update November 24, 2023:  New information was provided to Judy Nicholson by Monna's daughter, Ronda, about the Memorial Service that was held August 19, 2023 in Vancouver, WA to celebrate Monna's life.  Please see her "In Memory Page" for the celebration details and Monna's obituary. heart


  Sorry to report this, but Gail Olson just found in last weeks Mason County Journal that Lynn Lovell Altman-Allen passed away April 14, 2023. Her obituary is posted in the In Memory section of this website. If you have more details about her passing and where, please send them on to one of the reunion committee members so we can post it. Rest in peace dear classmate, and our sincere condolscenses to her family heart.


 We have an outstanding artist in our midst    smiley !!! Judy Nicholson was communicating with Jana Runion-Ward, who nows lives in Nevada, and found out that Jana has a website where she displays her  creations at: . Really, really beautifully done art pieces.

If you are interested in purchasing her art, you can contact Jana through her website, or by sending her a message through the class website.


  Unfortunately, there are downsides to updating our contact list for the upcoming 60th Reunion. In our search, we found that another classmate passed away from us. Zelda Faye Cuzick-Hess-Justice  died in Massillon, Ohio in October 2016. Her husband, Robey R. Justice, Jr., died a year later in September 2017. Please see Zelda's In Memory page for some vital records and burial information we have for Zelda. If anyone has further information, please let us know. Rest in Peace dear classmate and friend heart.


   So very sorrow to report another classmate has passed. Bruce Gardner just found a notice in the Mason County Journal showing that Eldon Lester Todd, Jr.  passed away on November 15, 2022 in Shelton. We don't have an obituary, or any other details at this time. Please let us know if you know any other information about Eldon's passing, so we can post it on the class website. Rest in Peace dear classmate and friend heart.


    Judy Nicholson was just informed that Bill Rhoades passed away on 31 Julyl 2022. Bill's daugher received his Reunion Announcement and emailed Judy with the sad news. Right now we don't have any other information. Once we do, it will be posted post an update here and on his In Memory website page. If anyone knows, or hears  any other details, please let us know. Rest in Peace dear classmate and friend heart.


Judy Nicholson just got an alert from Arla Marr-Kohler of beautiful pictures she took around her home State of Utah and posted on classwebunder her Profiles/msgs page. Very much worth a peeksee ๐Ÿ˜Š.

Hey Judy, Just posted some new photos I took yesterday on a drive through the Wasatch Mountains. Check it out!


    Much to our chagrin and sadness, we have confirmed that Brad Bartlett has passed, as indicated in Dean Manberg's obit. From his wife, Kathy, Brad died June 28, 2019 in Seattle. He was cremated and his ashes will be spread in the Ocean when all the family is ready. Brad was very ill, had a failing heart, and dimentia. There were no obituaries or stories of his life prepared. We are currently putting information together about his family and life, with the help of details Kathy has provided. Please see Brad's "In Memory" page to provide comments and memories, and read further stories about Brad's life. Our deepest sympathies to his family for their loss. Brad will always be in our hearts and memories. Rest in Peace dear classmate and friend. heart


   This is sad news to hear, but thank-you, Bill Smith, for bringing the passing of Dean Manberg via his obituary to our attention. Dean died September 2020 . His life was certainly filled with many professional and personal accomplishments, including being a pilot, and of course an avid golfer ๐Ÿ˜Š. Our deepest sympathies to his family for their loss. Dean will always be in our memory. Rest in Peace dear classmate and friend, and thank-you also for your service to our Country. heart

Please see Dean's "In Memory" to post your comments, view his obituary, and access a link to the funeral home where many other comments from family and friends are posted.


On Stage !!!    PIANO RECITAL - Jerry Wagner  will again be performing his annual Piano Recital on Saturday Sept. 24, 2022, 12:00 noon at the Lutheran Church of the Robert Jorgensen Piano Studio, 2013 Bethel Ave. N., Olympia, WA 98506. 

See Classmate News (<<click) for details.


Wonderful to see some of our beautiful ladies from the class enjoying a sunny get together, and I'm sure reminising about the Good Ol' Days..... and the upcoming Reunion ๐Ÿ™‚.  More pics under the Classmate News tab.

Hi Dan, Thought you might like to see these beautiful ladies from our class of 63!!

We met at my brother, Mark’s house on Island Lake in June. Maybe you could add them to our website. Hope you and your family are enjoying our “summer” . It’s a memorable one for sure. Randi


   It's with great sadness and surprise that we just received notice of Bill Sloan's passing.  We did not realize that Bill was suffering from serious complications the last few months due diabetes and this lead to his death. His granddaughter, Lauren, sent Judy a note explaining what had happened and all that Bill had to endure in his battle for life. I will post this on Bill's Memorial Page today, along with links to several very special and heart warming Facebook posts. Our heart felt sympathy and love to Bill's family and friends during this time of sorrow. As his g-daughters mentioned, Bill in now at peace and with his dear wife, Ginny. God Bless you, Bill. You will be greatly missed by all of us heart.

NEW:  Bill's Obituary has been posted on his IN MEMORY page heart.


   So very sorry to report that another of our classmates, Ray-Paul Nielsen, has passed.  Rene's posted this headline on the class Facebook page: On 14 January 2022 - Our Classmate, Ray-Paul Nielsen, passed away peacefully. Rest in Peace Ray- Paul . . . Prayers to His Family. Please see Ray-Paul's 'Memorial Page' for more details and his sister's, Belinda Nielsen Pond, comments about her brother. Our deepest sympathies to Ray-Paul's family. Rest in Peace dear classmate and friend, and thank-you for your service to our Country heart


  A really nice newspaper article of our beloved school secretary, Billy Godwin-Howard, in the Shelton-Mason Co. Journal was sent to us by Judy Nicholson. A copy is available under "Classmate News" . Keep well good friend and see you at the next reunion ๐Ÿ˜Š ๐Ÿงก


He's Back!!!    PIANO RECITAL - Jerry Wagner  will again be performing his annual Piano Recital on Saturday Sept. 25, 2021, 1:00PM at the Lutheran Church of the Good Shepard, 1601 North St. SE,Olympia, WA 98501. 

See Classmate News (<<click) second item, for details and sample music.


    Just can't believe this. Rene' Lamont notified us that another of our very dear classmates and loving friend, Bill LeDrew,  passed away Monday, June 21, 2021 at 9:15pm.  Bill had lung cancer but we were all hoping and praying that he would pull through this. So, it was a great shock to hear this very sad news. We will provide more details as we get them and post them on Bill's In Memory page. Our most heartfelt sympathy, love and prayers are extended to all the LeDrew and Morgan family in their time of sadness and loss. Rest in Peace, Bill. Your memory,  smiling face and loving spirit will be cherised  always by all your classmates heart.

NEW INFO 1: Rene' informed us via email and the Class Website that a "Billy's Irish Wake" event will be held on Saturday, 21 AUGUST 2021 around 3 pm at family Cabin # 22 Stetson's Cove on Hood Canal. The event details are posted on Bill's IN MEMORIAL page. Sounds like a wonderful event that Bill will be attending in SPIRIT and in our  heart's.

NEW INFO 2: Information about the Bill's Irish Wake memorial event has been posted on Bill's In Memory page. Photos that Janice Pierce-Dawson took are also included. It was a very moving and touching event and a great opportunity to meet some of Bill's friends, family and reminisce with ol' classmates.


    This is getting to be sadder than sad. We just found out that through a friend of Gail Olson's that  Steve Crapo-Boothe just  passed away last Saturday, May 12,  just a few days after John Tupper. He may have had a  heart attack in an aid car on his way to hospital from the ocean. Gail also found a brief notice about several memorials planned for Steve by his 1st wife, Lynn Boothe-Martin, that is posted on Steve's In Memory page. Also, posted is the obituary for Steve's 2nd wife, Jeanette, who died in 2019 and has additional details about Steve's life and family.

Our deepest sympathies to Steve's family for their loss. Rest in peace dear friend heart.


   We are very sad to report  the death of another classmate,  John Tupper,  from a notice found by Bruce Gardner in the Shelton newspaper.  John died May 10,  2021 at St. Peter's hospital in Olympia. We are awaiting more details about his death and will post anything new to John's  In Memory page.  Our most heartfelt sympathy, love and prayers are extended to John's family in their time of sadness and loss. Rest in Peace, John.  We will always remember you heart.

JOHN'S OBITUARY WAS PROVIDED TODAY, 4 JUNE, BY JUDY NICHOLSON (see the IN MEMORY page). A celebration of John's life will be at the family home on 24 June at 12:00pm.


  Received notice from Judy Nicholson and Rene' Lamont that our dear friend, Chris Knutzen Goodpaster, passed away Friday, April 30, 2021. We are awaiting more details but several posts have been added to Chris's In Memory page. Our most heartfelt sympathy, love and prayers are extended to Jim and all the Goodpaster and Knutzen families in their time of sadness and loss. Rest in Peace, Chris. Your memory will be cherised  always by all your classmates heart.


    Judy Nicholson reported that our friend and classmate, Sam Valley, passed away and provided this message to the class:

After trying to verify for over a week, I can now share the sad news that we have lost another classmate.  I saw the death notice in our newspaper, but there has been no obituary, so I wasn't sure if it was for our Sam.

I spoke with Billie Howard yesterday and she confirmed it was indeed Sam.  He was at our last reunion, and was, in fact, a very large contributor to our reunion, but he liked to keep things like that quiet.  At the reunion he shared that he was battling cancer, but was doing okay.  Well, according to Billie, he did contract COVID and with his cancer he just couldn't fight it.  He passed on 1/31/21.

I remember him always having a smile and he enjoyed practical jokes.  He loved old cars and every year at the Forest Festival parade we got to wave at him as he drove by.  I also know that he had a large bird aviary, outside, at his house  and raised beautiful birds.  I only saw it once, but I still remember it.

Our deepest condolences to Sam's family on their loss. Rest In Peace, Sam. You will be remembered fondly by all your classmates. heart

An obituary for Sam was published in the Shelton-Mason County Journal on 25 February.   Please see the obituary and enter your rememberances of Sam's life on his In Memory page.  


   Another dear classmate  Johanna Goldschmid  has departed from us, but not from our hearts and cherished memories.   Johanna passed away at her home in San Francisco on October 25, 2020 after several years of battling lung cancer. We just received her obituary, which is posted on the In Memory page. It is a beautiful tribute of her life events, accomplishments, diversity of interests, and love of her world. Rest in Peace Johanna from all your classmates. heart

Johann's Zoom Memorial Service will be held Sunday, January 31st at 2:00 PM PST. See Johann's In Memory page for login details .


   Judy Nicholson sent us this note about Kenneth Pulsifer's passing :

I am sorry to say that I have to share the news that we have lost another classmate.  Ken Pulsifer died on Jan. 2, 2021.  I do not know anything other than that, and I only know of his passing from reading the Journal.  But I remember him always having a smile and friendly greeting.  I almost always crossed paths with him at the grocery store and sometimes the post office.

I personally will remember Kenny from Lower Skokomish School in particular. I would also bumped into him in Shelton and odd places like the Puyallup Fair.  if anyone finds and obit or has any other info to Kenny's life please pass them on to one of us. Rest in Peace friend.   Dan

Please see Kenny's  "In Memory"  page for to provide your personal comments.


70th Platinum Wedding Anniversary of Bob and Donna Sund

I am remiss in getting this posted but never too late for such a wonderful accomplishment and milestone in life.  Their memories are also associated with many of our own over the years of knowing and loving this beautiful couple. Wishing them the most cherished and blessed 70th Anniversary.

Address: Alpine Village --  900 W. Alpine Way, Shelton, WA 98584


  Sadly we recieved the news that our dear classmate, Randy Waylett,  passed away on 4 December, 2020 at this home in Shelton.  We extend our heart felt condolesents, deepest sympathies and prays to Randy's wife, Teena, and the Waylett family on their loss. Rest in Peace Randy.

Please see Randy's  "In Memory"  page for his obituary and to provide your personal comments.


I received a very well done and interesting video (link below) on the history of Simpson Timber Company from Cheri Daniels-Ratay that should be nostalgic to all of us since there is no way any of us could have been untouched by the Simpson Co. in our lives. Cheri's message to her classmates about this is below. Personally, I worked for Simpson two summers while in College at the Fiberboard Plant and as a "Gandy Dancer" on the Simpson R.R. out of Camp Grisdale.  I will also post on the class Facebook Page..........Dan Harvey

Dear Classmates,

Mike Williams sent me this link regarding the ‘Last Log” at Simpson Timber Company with this note . . . it is a wonderful story and I am wondering how many classmates worked at Simpson at some point, after school, summer, after college etc.  Thank you for sending this ‘treasure’ Mike!

This video is a nice tribute to Simpson Logging Co. and its employees. Those of us who lived in the communities like Shelton which Simpson supported will appreciate the history. I hope those who never experienced the logging towns of the past will also. 

Both my father and step father retired in the 70’s from Simpson. My dad was a mill worker at the Insulating Board Plant in Shelton. My stepfather was a foreman at Camp Grisdale. I worked in both locations in two summers of the mid 60’s and my earnings paid for my following years of college; I returned to the woods for a short stent in 1970 after I finished my service commitment. 

Enjoy,  Cheri Daniels Ratay-- Class of 1964



Loren was mentioned in the "50 - Years Ago" section of the June 2020 Mason County Historical Society section for receiving a Bronze Star for meritorious service in Vienam. I did not know about this, or more likely another senior moment smiley. So, a belated congratulations, Loren, and thank you for your service.   D.H.








Trio of refs has seen a century on the court


Now this is a very nice story in the Kitsap Sun about Jim LaMont and his ref buddies doing what they enjoy and while staying in the game of life smiley. Good for you guys!!

Click the "Ref "for the link to the article., or go to the Class Facebook Page. Jim's on the left.


Some good news, for a change, and I've been real remiss is in getting this on the website....sorry, Lynne. Received a nice not from Lynne Stevens-Lenhart about a few things happening with her family. They are now have a new grandchild, Elliott James Lenhart smiley, AND her husband, Tom, has just written a book with has been published and available on Amazon yes. The name of the book is "The Perfect Swing: One Woman's Search for God". The story is historical fiction. It is set, for the most part, in Chicago in the early 1900s and through a young woman who plays baseball and weaves together five generations of a family. Check it out on Amazon at:


  This is so sad that again we have to announce the passing of another of our classmates, Nancy Wilson-Bloomfield Gurnsey, on 3 August as related by Coralie Waters. Nancy died suddenly of an aneurism . More details will be forthcoming and posted on the "In Memory" page as we  get it. Any thoughts and memories about Nancy can also be posted on the "In Memory" page. Our deepest sympathies, love and prayers are extended to Nancy's family.  Rest in Peace dear friend and classmate.  

New on the In Memory Page!!!

>>An obituary and photos is now on the McComb-Wagner Funeral Home website:!/Obituary

>>Memorial photos, including the group of classmates that attended,  and statement about Nancy provided by Bill LeDrew.


  Again, we sadly report  the news that  another classmate, Patricia Ann Quinn-Campbell,  passed away on April 16,  2019 in Centralia.  We extend our heart felt condolesents, deepest sympathies and prays to the Campbell family on their loss.

Please see Patricia's  "In Memory"  page for her obituary ......more will be posted when available. Rest in Peace Patricia.


  Sadly we received news from Marcy Rogers that Dave Rogers  passed away on 29 March 2019 from pneumonia. According to Marcy, Dave's cancer had returned and would have caused his death even if he had survived the pneumonia. To Marcy and all the Rogers family, we extend our deepest sympathies, love and prayers on their loss.

Please see Dave's  "In Memory"  page for current details on his life and family ......more will be posted when available. Rest in Peace Dave.


PIANO RECITAL - Jerry Wagner  will again be performing his annual Piano Recital on Saturday May 18, 2019, 1:00PM at the Lutheran Church of the Good Shepard, 1601 North St. SE,Olympia, WA 98501. 

        See Classmate News (<<click) for details and sample music.

We ALL love Billie Howard and now there is a book out about her that I'm told by all who've read it, including my wife, turn next, is a wonderful and humorous story of her life; including being our H.S. Secretary. Tough job but someone had to do it, ha, The book is written as if she is just  talking with you about memories of her life in Shelton  starting in the Skok Valley.

If you would like to purchase a copy of the book ($15) and also help Billie's church, please contact fellow parishioner, Cheri Daniels-Ratay, who prepared the brochure as part of ther effort to promote Billie's book.. --------- Dan

Cheri D Ratay

(206) 271-4853 or


Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary!! The good news just keeps coming!!! Another wonderful marriage milestone reached by Rick and Kathi Durkin as posted on the Class FaceBook page. Congratulations to both of you, and wishing you many more years of happiness together.


  Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary!! Another wonderful marriage milestone reached by Core and Joel Watters as posted on the Class FaceBook page. Congratulations to both of you, and wishing you many more years of happiness together. heart

        Core and Joel Watters

..Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, food and indoor




Mike Watters is with Coralie Watters.

Congrats Mom and Dad!




We received a very nice note from Monna Barger-Mikkelsen (see 55th Reunion Messages) about her family and that they just celebrated their 54th wedding anniversary!!!! Congratulations Monna and Bob on such a great milestone. Wishing you many more to come.
  With heart felt saddeness, Deacon John Ricciardi, the husband of Judy Arlene Strine Ricciardi, informed us that Judy passed away on 24 July 2018. Services were held 28 July 2018 at St. Gabriel's Catholic Church in Port Orchard and Inurnment will be in the Shelton Memorial Cemetery. She will be greatly missed by the class, but especially by those of us that lived in the Hood Canal area and attended school in Hoodsport and Lower Skokomish. Please see her  "In Memory"  page for current details on her life and family ......more will be posted when available. Rest in Peace dear Judy.
Judy N. sent a very nice article about Janice Pierce-Dawson's daughter, Rachel Robinson, following in her footsteps (click here, or go to "Classmate News" to read to full story). A real thrill for Janice and tribute from her daughter.


PIANO RECITAL - Jerry Wagner  will again be performing his annual Piano Recital on May 19, 2018, 1:00PM at the Lutheran Church of the Good Shepard, 1601 North St. SE,Olympia, WA 98501. 

        See Classmate News (<<click) for details and sample music.
We have more sad news that Bill Smith passed along. Rick Miller pasted away 21 January 2018. Rick attended Lower Skokomish Elementary School and Shelton H.S.  We all have such fond and warm memories of him. He was a happy guy who always loved to kid around. He will be missed very much. A viewing will be 26 January in the Skokomish Community Center, and Funeral Services on 27 January at 12:00 PM in the Skok Community Center. Rest In Peace dear friend. Please see Rick's In Memory Page for more details and to provide you memories of Rick.


    We just received word from Pat Booth Sann via Tony Fonzo Thompson and the Super Reunion Group about the passing of Kathy Sutherland Rinard.  Tony's message follows:

Toni Fonzo Thompson‎ to SUPER REUNION IRENE S REED/SHELTON HIGH classes pre 1979 (Shelton, WA) 41 mins · Kennewick, WA ·

As the year comes to an end another good heart has stopped beating. Kathy (Sutherland) Rinard, class of 1963, passed away Dec. 12th. When we lose a loved one here on earth, we gain an angel in heaven that watches over us. Kathy is dancing with the many classmates we have lost enjoy the dance Kathy! Till we meet will be in our hearts and memories never to be forgotten. Rest in peace my friend. 

Please pass on any information you may find on Kathy so we can add it to her Memorial Page. It is so sad that another Classmate has passed, but Kathy will forever be with us in our thoughts,prayers and whenever we are together.


We just heard from Wendy Selde's brother, Mike Brickert, that Joe Waters recently had heart surgery and is now recovering at his home in Alaska.  Please keep Joe in your thoughts and prayers for a speedy and full recovery.


   Unfortunately, and so soon after Mike Hall, we received word that another dear classmate, Lyta Andrews-Reichbauch,  passed away July 11, 2017 in St. Petersburg, Florida of cancer. Please see the "In Memory" section at the top of this webpage for her obituary and to add your comments and memories of Lyta. Rest in Peace and in our memory and hearts.


  This is a wonderful tribute to Loren. Please click on the link below to read the full article and see photos of the award ceremony.  Congratulations, Loren, for an award richly deserved.

Also, go to the Class Facebook Page (click here

to see more details and tributes on Loren's award and classmate comments.

Loren's book, V For Valor, about his Vietnam experiences can be downloaded in several popular formats from the "Featured Classmates" subpage on the left side of this website.

...........Chief Warrant Officer 2 Loren Gee, Vietnam veteran and recipient of the Distinguished Flying Cross, was honored by the soldiers of the 66th Theater Aviation Command at the Aviation Readiness Center at Joint Base Lewis-McChord.

“If not for guys like Loren and the Vietnam era pilots, Army aviation wouldn’t be where it is today,” said Brig. Gen. Wallace Turner, assistant adjutant general and commander, Washington Army National Guard.



    Sadly, we received word that Mike Hall passed away June 13, 2017 at his residence in Shelton, WA of a heart attack. Please see the "In Memory" section of this website for his obituary and to add your comments and memories of Mike.


  PIANO RECITAL - Jerry Wagner  will again be performing his annual Piano Recital on May 20, 2017, 1:00PM at the Lutheran Church of the Good Shepard, 1601 North St. SE,Olympia, WA 98501. 

        See Classmate News (<<click) for details and sample music.


Save the Simpson Roundhouse and Railroad Project

This was first posted on our Class Facebook page by Judy Nicholson and Rene' LaMont. There is a very good discription of the project objectives, funding and support sources, and benefits to the City of Shelton and all those interested in preserving the history of logging railroads in the country by Rick Von Ruden on the  Group Facebook Page . The Group plans to get back to the Shelton City Council Meeting on 19 Dec about this matter, so adding your name to the Group on the R.R.Facebook page is very importan to them.  Please give this a read and consider supporting this community effort.

On Dec. 6, the Shelton, Washington City Council voted 2-1 against accepting a gift to the City of Shelton by the Simpson Lumber Company of a historic roundhouse and accompanying track. We, the citizens of Shelton along with parties interested in preserving Washington State and Pacific Northwest railroad history, are organizing to historically preserve the roundhouse and more on Facebook.


Here's a great way to support our Veteran's, especially those in our class. Loren Gee will be talking about his Vietnam experiences as a copter pilot on Sunday, 2PM, 20 Nov. at the MCHS Museum. Way to go Loren!! And, thanks for your service!!








Jan Steinberg-Dishon provided several class photos for years 1953-1957 at Bordeaux and Lincoln schools. See Fun Pics for a bit of nostalgia and try to pick yourself out in any of these after all these years. Thanks, Jan. Very cute.


Bill Sloan is going into the hospital tomorrow morning, Tues 28 Jun, for heart surgery. Please keep Bill in your thoughts and prayers for a speedy and full recovery.

The last word according to Bill's Facebook page is that he is doing well. Let's hope and pray for a speedy and full recovery.


  Image result for veteran gifsThere was a very interesting news segment on Q13 News the other night on a Correspondent, Joe Galloway, who togerther with others is helping to collect Vietnam War stories from veterans that served there for the Library of Congress to preserve for posterity. The link to the news report is below. The first notable story that came to mind was Loren Gee's unpublished book (see Featured Classmates) chronicling his experience as a copter pilot. If anyone knows of other Vietnam Vets (or any Vet from any of the recent wars) with stories, documents, etc. to share, please pass information on to them.

Forms and information on submitting stories and info to the Library of Congress can be found at The Veterans History Project:at:

Or, the Library of Congress can be contacted directly at, or by emailing them at


   Check out Fun Pics of Jim LaMont and buddies Ref'ing at the Olypmpic College All Star Game in Bremerton.


  PIANO RECITAL - Jerry Wagner  will be performing his annual Piano Recital at the Lutheran Church of the Good Shepard, 1601 North St. SE,Olympia, WA 98501. 

        See Classmate News (<<click) for details and sample music.


Special Congratulations to Patty Hester-DuToit and Larry DuToit on their Golden Wedding Anniversary that occurred on 19 March!!  What a special accomplishment and joy in their lives. We hope you had a great day guys and have many more happy anniversaries to come.


  Unfortunately, we just heard that Steve Holt passed away January 7, 2016 at Providence St. Peter Hospital in Olympia, WA. Please see the "In Memory" section of this website for his obituary and to add your comments.


Congratulations to Bill Smith !! Thanks to Joe Waters for letting us know that Bill has announced his retirement, again,  from the South Puget Intertribal Planning Agency (SPIPA). But, will Bill remained retired? Heaven knows he certainly deserves it, but it's hard to keep a good man in the rocker. Have a really great retirement, Bill. Now you have more time to help with class reunions, ha.


   Sadly, again we have to report another classmate passing. Everett "Mac: McCoy died on 7 Oct 2015 in Ocean Springs hospital in Mississippi at approximately 7am PST. He passed peacefully according to his sister, Toni Fonzo Thompson who was at his bedside. We are still waiting details of his illnes and cause of death. Earlier we heard he had a heart attack but don't know if this was the actual cause of his passing. Rest in Peace dear friend.

Please see the "In Memory" section of this website for his obituary and to add your comments.

Also, see the Class Facebook Page for more posts about Mac:

You can sign Mac's funeral home guest book at:


  Dear classmates, it is with great sorrow that we have been informed of the passing of Sue Norvold-Aho on 21 July 2015 at her home in Bellevue, WA. Sue contracted leukemia that did not respond to treatment. Memorial service will be held at St. Andrew's Lutheran Church, 2650 148th Ave SE, Bellevue 98007 on Saturday, August 1st at 1pm.

Rest in Peace to one of the bright and shiny faces and personalities in our class. Our love and prayers to her family. Please see her obituary in the "In Memory" page for an inspiring story of her accomplished life.


SPLASH Pool Repair Funding Update!!!!

Donations to SPLASH (Support & Preserve Lifelong Aquatic Safety & Health) were slightly lower during the past holiday week .....  We are very close to funding the entire project, we have just a couple weeks to make this happen. We are over 70% toward our goal, but we need the continued help of the community to keep the pool open and functioning.” said Jacquie MacAlevy, President of SPLASH.

To participate in SPLASH’s ongoing donation drive, pool repair donations of any amount can be sent to SPLASH, PO Box 1982, Shelton WA 98584. Pool donations can also be made to the Mason General Hospital Foundation by either sending a check marked for pool repairs to MGHF, PO Box 1668, Shelton, WA 98584 or online at Further questions can be directed to


Mason County Forest Festival

Celebrating 71 Years  May 28-31st 2015

“Celebrate The Seasons Of Our Forest”
mason county forest festival parade family fun night logging show


  PIANO RECITAL - Jerry Wagner  Our own award winning pianist will be performing another of his annual Piano Recital in Olympia at the United Churches on Saturday June 20, 2015 at 1:00 PM in Olympia.   See Classmate News (<<click) for details, award and sample music. 


   With a heavy heart and much sadness with have lost another classmate. Bruce Porter - class of 1963 passed away on April 28, 2015. Heaven has now another HIGHCLIMBER angel watching over us. Bruce you will be missed but your memories live on forever. Thoughts and prayers to your family and friends. RIP Bruce.  Source: per / Toni Fonzo Thompson and a post by Rene' on the class Facebook page.

Please see Bruce's wonderful obiturary on our In Memory page. He will be missed by all the class.


Sadly we must report that another classmate, Patty Dodd-Brown, passed away February 15, 2015. Her obituary and recent photos are posted on her In Memory page. Sincere condolenscence to her family and all her freinds. Rest in Peace, Patty. You will be missed by all your classmates.


  Gail Downing-Olson lost her husband, Dan, to cancer on Tuesday, September 9, 2014. A memorial service for Dan will be held on Sunday, the 28th, at 3:00 p.m. at the Civic Center, downtown Shelton, on Cota St.. Our thoughts and prayers are with Gail and her family at this time of sorrow.


  It is with great sorrow that we were just informed by Coralee that Louise Brown-Streater "Baby Hughie" died in January 2014. Cora heard this from her brother, who's a classmate of Ron Brown, Louise's brother.  She had been dealing with lung cancer so that may have been the cause. We will get further information and post it when available. Rest in Peace dear friend. You will be missed by all her classmates.




Irene S. Reed / Shelton Senior High School
Classes pre-1960 thru 1979 - Sep 5, 6, 7

See Classmate News for details


  Rosalie Hanson-Haugen "Charlee" : With sadness we received news of Rosalie's passing on July 29, 2014 from Renal (kidney) failure. Her executor stated that she requested no obituary or service.  If anyone has rememberances to share about Rosalie, please let us know and we will put them on her In Memory page.

Rest in Peace, Rosalie.


  PIANO RECITAL - Jerry Wagner will be performing another of his annual Piano Recital in Olympia at the United Churches on Saturday June 14, 2014 at 1:30 PM in Olympia.   See Classmate News for updated details and sample music. 



Guess what? Our own Jim LaMont made the Kitsap Sports Fall of Fame!!! See details by  clicking on  ->>>  "Featured Classmates" .


   Bill Smith is new Executive Director of SPIPA (South Puget Intertribal Planning Agency)!!! Congratulations, Bill!! But, what happened to retirement, ha.? Click HERE, or Go to Classmate News for the link to the full article, which is a tribute to a wonderful guy and classmate.


  Volunteering in the Community - Lynda Rodgers-Baker's food bank work got a nice kudo in the newspaper this week. Good going Lynda!! (Click on Classmate News to see the photo clip). 



Rosalie "Charlee" Hanson-Haugen needs our thoughts, prayers, and notes of support. She had to cancel her attendance at the 50th reunion due to serious recurring problems with her remaining liver. She is very weak and is now on home dialysis 11 hours a day, but improving every month according to the doctors words. Her note concerning her illness is on the Classmate Messages page. Our best wishes for a successful recovery at with you Charlee.


  Neil Vohof has a neat blog that shows how the more lucky members of our class enjoy life on the Island of Maui. Take a look!! You will be envious. Neil, are you taking reservations??

http:/ /





     May 30  -  June 3, 2013

       Click the button for Festival memories from Bill LeDrew



  Bill LeDrew has developed a downloadable PDF version of the 1963 Saghalie. Go to the "Remembering Our Past" drop down page and check it out.



  PIANO RECITAL - Jerry Wagner will be performing his annual Piano Recital in Olympia at the United Churches on Saturday June 22th (2013) at 1:00PM. See Classmate News for updated details and sample music.


  We have an author in our midst !!!!!  Loren Gee has written a book about his personal accounts  as a copter pilot during the Viet Nam War. It is always amazing the amount of diverse talent we have in our class. Take a look under "Featured Classmates". You will enjoy his accounts and personal recollections of the war and men he served with.


 Gabriel House of Mexico (see Featured Classmates) operated by Irene Emsley (Renie Favre) and her husband, pastor Ted Favre, now has a new Facebook page. Check it out at


Grapviews Days!! Lynne Stevens-Lenhart will again have a booth at the Water and Art Festival to display her photograhy and art work. The Festival is on Saturday, 28 July 2012. For summertime fun and a way to support and keep in touch with our classmates. -Lynne is the Historian for Grapeview, so ask a lot of questions!


Merline Lewis's passing: With sadness we received news of Merline's passing on June 6, 2012 at her residence in Kamilche. Please see the "In Memory" page for details.


Ken Droscher was given a very nice retirement tribute by the Florida Institute of Technology honoring his service. Go to Class News for the link to the writeup.


PIANO RECITAL - Jerry Wagner will be performing a Piano Recital in Olympia on Saturday July 28th at 1:30PM. See Classmate News for details.

Jerry also said they spent two weeks in Morocco in Nov 2011 - belly dancing tour!!! It's a tough life but someone has to have it!! He was a little out numbered being the only male with 19 females. I guess you can't have everything, ha.


Ray-Paul Neilsen's Art Exhibition - My annual show November 28, 2011 to January 15, 2012 again at the LaughingLadies Café 17551 15th Ave N.E.,Shoreline,WA formerly the Hotwire Online Coffeehouse (N. Seattle). (see classmate news for details).


    Candy Avey-Johnston's passing: We are extremely sad to report that at 9:40 PM on 22 June Candy passed away in Harbor View Hospital, Seattle, from severe heart problems  as a complication of her auto accident. Our hearts, thoughts, and prayers go out to the family at this painful time. (See Classmate News and In Memory for details)


Mission Work Calls! Just heard that Phil Cramer and his wife, Kris, are in Switzerland for an extended period doing mission work for their church. See Classmate News for details.


Check out a few new Fun Pics from Bryan Johnson of his Panama trip and new home. It's a rough life, but someone has to live it!


Jerry Wagner will be performing a Piano Recital in Olympia on May 14th to the music of Schubert and Schumann.
See Classmate News for details!!


  Highclimbers Super Reunion!!  Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Toni Thompson (Everett "Mac" McCoy's sister) informed us that a reunion of all Shelton High School Highclimbers from 1960 - 1979 is scheduled for this summer at the Little Creek Casino. Planning meetings are now being held and everyone's participation is requested. Go to, and see further details in our Classmate News. Contact Judy Nicholson or Gerry Ann Roberts by email to reserve a place at the Class or 1963 table(s). 


    We have received very sad news that Candy (Avey) Johnston and her husband Stan (SHS '62) were in an auto accident along Hood Canal on Sunday, Feb. 20th . Fortunately, Candy survived but very sadly Stan died in the wreck.  (See Classmate News for details).


Ray-Paul Neilsen's Art Exhibition  -  My annual show November 28, 2010 toJanuary 22, 2011 again at the LaughingLadies Café 17551 15th Ave N.E.,Shoreline,WA formerly the Hotwire Online Coffeehouse (N. Seattle). (see details). 


   See Fun Pics  to get a glimpse of  Bryan Johnson and his wife, Esther, on their "business" trip to Italy!   Now, that is some kind of business!

Update: Panama Pics!!


  Renie Faver (Irene Emsley) needs our thoughts and prayers. Renie is struggling with  serious health issues.  See full message in Classmate News.   Update!! Some postive news.


 Mike McFarland's passing: We were so sad to hear from his sister, Gloria Stuart, about his passing in April 2009. Please see the In Memory page for details.


Featuring Jerry Wagner at the Piano
and the music of Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Brahms, Chopin, Debussy and Gershwin

  See Classmate News for pics.  Audio clip is coming soon!!


Renie Faver (Irene Emsley) really needs our support and prayers.  UPDATE: according to Renie, no news is good news on the x-rays of her lung.We will continue to hope and pray for the best.


Patty (Hester) du Toit will get a welcomed New Years present - a new kidney!!   UPDATE!! - Surgery sceduled for 23 April was successful!!!!


Out and About with Martin:New pics from Martin Felix's South Africa trip.


 Ray-Paul Neilsen's travels to Prague. Check out the beautiful photos.


Jim LaMont Ref's Harlem Ambassabors


Mini Class gathering - classmates get together at Gerry Ann Roberts


Sue (Norvold) Aho runs in triathlon and takes trip to Africa


Randi (Tuson) Krumm  and daughter, Zoe, participate in Breast Cancer 3-Day Walk !!


Ray-Paul Neilsen's Art Exhibition  -   2 August - 12 September 2009 in Shorline (N. Seattle).  Artist's Reception...Sunday 09 Aug. 2009  5PM - 7PM (see classmate news for details). 


New "Fun Pics" have been added. Check them out.


   Larry Sund's passing: With heartfelt sadness, Larry passed away on Jan 8, 2009. His memorial service was Sunday Jan 11 at the Blessed Theresa of Calcutta Parish in Woodinville, WA.


   Mike Carte's passing: With sadness we received news of Mike's passing on Sep 2, 2008 in Boise, ID.


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