Remembering Our Past


 See the "1963 Saghalie" drop down page under "Remembering Our Past" for several ways to view the Saghalie, or click on the Saghalie book cover below.





Another great oldies but goodies link sent by Bruce Gardner.

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You can not only hear the music, but you get to see the original label, in addition to getting a photo of artist, biography and discography.  All this with a nudge to your mouse!


Here is the coolest oldies but goodies website I've ever seen as provided by Bill LeDrew (click on the juke box). It not only has 50's and 60's songs BUT shows a video of the performer !!!







 Songs of the '62 - '63 Era



Louie Louie Kingsmen '63

A short history of the song Louie Louie




   There are some great oldies from 1963 (Rene' Fain Lamont)


Here is some more neat stuff from the past:

Cute clip sent by Judy Nicholson:


These are some of the best 50's picture clips I've seen. You will enjoy them. It takes a minute to load. Be patient! It's worth it. (Rene' Fain Lamont).