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 Hi Again Everyone ! Welcome to the 45th Reunion Page !   

This is where you get further information about the reunion picnic, camping, and directions from that provided on the homepage. You can also register for the reunion here yourself right here, or have one of the committee members do it for you.

The fun begins when they open the gate to Simpson Recreation Area on Mason Lake Saturday, August 30th at 8:30 a.m.  This is a bit early for most of us, so if you show up around 10:30 a.m. that gives us time for setup. Lunch will be about 11:30 a.m. Directions to Mason Lake are provided below. 

Please bring your swimsuit, towels, sandals, sunglasses, maybe a blanket, and lawn chairs too because the kitchen has lawn in front right down to the water’s edge and you know you’ll have to at least wade.  

Reunion Tickets are $25 each (if using PayPal; see at bottom of this page).   This covers the cost of the facility, food, non-alcoholic beverage, and a reserve to cover webpage costs, and to start the 50th class reunion planning. Please email Judy (Nicholson) Saeger , or Gail (Downing) Olson  for further details, or send your check directly to the address shown in their profiles.  NOTE: You must be logged-on with your password to obtain their mailing addresses. Otherwise, email them and have them send it to you.

NOTE!! If you elect to charge your reunion tickets using PayPal,  please add $1.06 per $25, and $1.80 per $50 transaction to cover PayPal charges. THANK-YOU.

Tickets Purchased   (65)    * will pay at the door

Leanne Armstrong & Pat Skura  2 Bill & Joyce Smith 2 Gail (Downing) & Dan Olson 2
Loren & Marsha Gee 2
Jim & Rene' (Fain) LaMont 2
Carol (Neff) Crossan 1
Mike Hall 1
Dan & Joan Harvey 2
Marilyn Hughes 1 Judy (Nicholson) & Bruce Saeger 2 Sue (Norvold) & Bill Aho 2
Ed Pierce 1
Bill Rhoades 1 Jerry & Sandy Rodgers 2
Janet (Temple) & Monty Marshall 2
Bill LeDrew & Bert Bloemendaal 2
Joe Waters 1
Suzi (Aho) Haugen 1

Gerry Ann Roberts 1;  Guests Heather & Fred 2

Bruce Gardner 1

Jan (Wolfe-Gabrio) & Frank Trummel 2

Steve (Crapo) & Jeanette Boothe 2

Martin Felix 1 Larry & Cheryl Sund 2
Coralie (Anderson) & Joel Watters 2 John & Pat Anderson 2 Nikki Coles Brincken 1 Yvonne (Scofield) & Don  VanDuyn 2

Everet "Mac" McCoy 2

Celia (Sweitzer) & Mike Scott 2 Wendy (Brickert) Selde 1 Janet Steinberg (Dishon) 1
Al Miklethun 1 Janice (Pierce) & Jim Dawson 2 * Pat & Candice Smith 2
* Roger Pearson 2
* Tom Wingard 1
* (Irene Emsley) Renie & Ted Faver 2
* Bruce Gardner Guests:  Jeff Gardner & Kortney 2   

Special Guests   (8) 

Bob & Donna Sund Harold & Muriel Wilson Billie Howard Jerry & Donna Vermillion
George Kaszycki      

Interested in Attending  * - confirmed attendance; ? - still undecided 

Eldon Todd
Erren Barnhard
* Janet (Estvold) Miller

* Linda (Hickam) Farley

Craig Clements

* Bill & Jenny Sloan 2

Tim Kneeland
Mike Lambert
* Bruce Porter
Ron McLean
Rick Miller
Merline (Dorey) Lewis
John Tupper Judy (Eby) Bigelow
* Lynne (Stevens) Lenhart 1
? Ruth Young
Jerry Wagner
Henrietta (Warnes) Russell
Lynda (Rogers) Baker Clint Halbert
Charlie Peck Jim Goodpaster Charlotte (Kirk) Hesher ?  Bryan & Esther Johnson 2

? Merrily Weston (Mills)

? Jim Orr * Pat (Hester) & Larry duToit * Randi (Tuson) & Dennis Krumm 2
Ken Pulsifer * Pat Dodds (Brown)    

Food and Beverages and Potluck: We have the large kitchen reserved for the whole day, until dusk. We are grilling sirloin hamburgers, kosher hot dogs, and salmon (thanks, Bill Smith), and we will have all the fixin’s that goes along with all of that, plus a basic tossed salad. We will also have non-alcoholic beverages (BYOB if you wish). It is a potluck if you want it to be – in other words, feel free to bring something, but please come even if you can’t. A few choices to bring would be: chips, desserts, fruit, pickles, olives…picnic stuff. There won’t be a lot of refrigeration, so keep that in mind.


Trailer and Camping facilities: We have been reserved for four nights (August 29,30,31 and Sept 1). There are 20 trailer and camping spaces (see the schematic map below).  Eleven (11) spaces have power and water (P&W). None have sewer hook-ups. There are 9 dry spaces, which are for camping (but could also be used for self contained trailer). There is a bathroom with nice showers nearby. There is no firewood for camp fires, so bring your own. Six (6) P&W trailer spaces have been reserved, so far (see list below). Cost is $23 per night for trailers, and $17 per night for tents. Contact Judy Saeger if you want to reserve a site and pay the fee. She will pay the Park Ranger, Casey. A copy of the park camping rules will be made available when you arrive unless you want one sent to you.  


 Current Campers: Judy Nicholson (Saeger) - 3 trailer sites; Bill Rhoades - 1 trailer site; Bruce Gardner - 1 trailer site; Gerry Ann Roberts - 1 trailer site; Janet (Temple) Marshall - 1 campsite


 Location of the Simpson's Recreation Area: The map shows the location of the Simpson Recreation area on the SW end of Mason Lake. The picnic area and kitchen are right in front of you when you drive in. You park right there. The Rec area is on E Mason Lake Dr W (the road shown as E Mason Lake Dr S does not go through). click on "View Larger Map" to see a marker that points to the approx address of the recreation area. Driving directions are below the map. 


View Larger Map

Directions from Shelton:

(1) Beginning at N 1st St. (old HWY 101) and W Pine St (NW corner of Lumberman's), proceed for abt 3.8 mi to Mason Lake Rd. (abt 0.6 mi past Bay Shore) - total miles abt 3.8.
(2) Turning left onto Mason Lake Rd proceed abt 1.3 mi taking a sharp right and continuing on Mason Lake Rd - total miles abt 5.1.
(3) In abt 0.6 mi, continue past Lake Limerick - total miles abt 5.7.
(4) At abt 3.2 mi past Lake Limerick, turn left at the road fork to Mason Lake Dr W - total miles abt 8.9.
(5) Continue abt 0.3 mi to the Simpson Recreation area on the right - total miles abt 9.2.

 Simpson Recreation Area


 A couple of notes on using PayPal:  You can then choose to pay using one of these methods. 

1. If you have a PayPal account, login with your email and password on the right and following instructions. 

2. If you don't have a PayPal account, click on the "continue" link below the "Don't have a PayPal account" heading. This will bring up a form for you to fill out with your credit card information. 



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