Clint Halbert

Profile Updated: June 30, 2008
Residing In: Kettle Falls, WA USA
Spouse/Partner: Renee'
Occupation: retired
Children: Eric,Rebecca,Wright,Bunny

July 2003:
I am married, living in N.E. Washington on Lake Roosevelt.

I have enough projects around home to last the rest of my life, so there in no justifiable reason to be bored. I have two firetrucks as we are not in a fire district. My property is right on the beach and I keep my ski & pontoon boats out front. The country is beautiful, the neighbors are friends.

My next door neighbors have an Organic winery with a nice tasting room and Organic gardens (they have excellent products for sale: salsa, pesto, jams and lots of garlic). It is really nice to live at the end of the road in relative peace and quiet. me.
My wife is encouraging our trip to the reunion so, although it is a long trip, we possibly will come. It should be fun and interesting to see everyone.



School Story:

One is the time Charlie Peck and I pilfered some iodine crystals while moving the chemistry lab to the new location (God bless Rita Laudermilk).With Charlie's knowhow and my ability to get others into trouble we mixed a little household ammonia and produced ammonium iodide, a highly unstable compound that when dry will explode (not violently). I believe I came up with the idea to put a number of these little "poppers" around the study hall thinking they would go off during 6th period study hall----they didn't and I panicked thinking they might go off later ans cause some real damage----so I talked Charlie to go into the room and retrieve them-----he missed one which inconvientely went off during book club or some such afterschool class and subsequently was caught as the sole culprit and suspended for two weeks. He didn't rat on me and I hope the statute of limitations applys here and I am safe.
My dad was in New York on business so I skipped for two weeks, borrowed Niel VonHof's 80cc motercycle and Charlie on his BSA 500 and me on this tiny bike had fun.(shooting rats at the dump,etc).
I won't bore you with the mystery of the dead rats found under the grate of the new school addition, but the cartoon Charlie drew of Mr. Hermes, Rita Loudermilk and our janitor staring doen into the smelly pit under the front door grate is forever imbedded in my fond memory catagory.-----clint

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Love you Georgie!!!

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Honeymoon on Maui
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