Mike L. Lambert

Profile Updated: June 6, 2008
Residing In: Shelton, WA
Spouse/Partner: Mary
Homepage: windhillmm@gmail.com
Occupation: Police Detective (retired)
Children: 1 Son: [PhD] Profesor at Western Washington Univ. [head of dept. Special Ed.]
1 Daughter: grad school More…Columbia Univ in Social Work [graduated as clinical psychologist - New York]
Military Service: Marines  

After high school, I went to work in the plywood mill, which convinced me that I did want to start college in the fall. The best thing for me about college was wrestling to which I gave the bulk of my time, talent and energy. Wrestling gave to me a trip to the hospital, knee surgery, and an end to my S2 draft deferment. I managed to beat the draft by joining the Marines. While most Marines were at war in Viet Nam, a few good men were sent to battle the Communist Threat in the Caribbean. My first tour ended with an offer of OCS but no combat experience and only a fire watch ribbon, so I left the Marine Corps.
My plan was to return to college, but I needed to support myself. The Seattle Police Department was also looking for a few good men. This square peg found a square hole. A short time later, a beautiful young nurse was removing my stitches and convinced me that my wound was gangrenous, so I would go back to see the doctor. A year later we were married. Mary and I lived in Edmonds where we raised our two children. Our son, Dr. Chuck, is a professor at Western Washington University, and our daughter Kathleen is presently in grad school at Columbia University. I did go back to college long enough to received a Master in Public Administration from University of Puget Sound.
After nearly 30 years with the Seattle Police Department and both kids in college, I took my retirement. My parents made us a good deal on a property in the Shelton area, where Mary and I moved. If a boat is a wooden hole in the water into which one pours money, a similar correlation can be made for a mini farm. Thoreau said that children did not inherit a farm; the farm inherited them. I did not stay retired long. I now work as an Investigator for the State Attorney General. Mary and I spend much time working on and enjoying our place and usually take a cruise in the winter. We have revisited Caribbean destinations where, I served as a young Marine. Most have changed greatly, but some not so much. I will probably retire again or maybe I will just wait until they change the lock on my office door

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