Judy Eby Bigelow

Profile Updated: February 14, 2018
Residing In: Poulsbo, WA USA
Spouse/Partner: Steve
Homepage: http://www.kitsaphomesales.com
Occupation: Realtor
Children: Son, Andrew. Granddaughter, Kayla.
Son, Christopher/ grandkids: Rachael, Christina & Zach.
Daughter, More…Heidi/ grandkids: Dusty & Jayson

July 2003:
Graduated U.W. 1968 with a BS in Microbiology. Employed as bacteriologist at St. Peter Hospital until 1971. Met husband there, married and moved to Portland, OR.  Employed at Kaiser Permanente in Microbiology.
Returned to WA in 1980; relocated in Bremerton for husband's career. Employed by Olympic Med Lab in Harrison Hospital until 1992.  Decided to quit talking to bacteria and start meeting people, so attended nightschool at Olympic College and became a "realtor".  Just got my 10 year clock at Windermere Real Estate in Silverdale, WA. 
Husband, Steve retired from fire service at end of 2000.  Due to stock market decline, we lost most of our retirement funds, so long story short, I am still working!  Plan is to retire in 2005......We'll see how that plan unfolds.
I have 3 pretty wonderful children.  My oldest is Christopher who is now employed as a career firefighter with Central Kitsap Fire & Rescue.  Not that I'm bragging, but he received "Firefighter of the Year" (out of 56 candidates).  He & his wife Denise (who brought daughter Rachael  to the mariage) have blessed us with 2 more adorable grandchildren, Christina (8 y.o) and Zach (4). 
My daughter Heidi is very busy with her two boys (Dustin, 12 yo & Jayson 8 y.o.).  She also takes care of foster daughters Cassie (& her child Adriana) and Corey (13 yo).  Heidi has done an exceptional job getting these kids' lives back on track. She has a special gift!
My baby boy (now 25 years old!), Andrew, is employed in Puyallup at Randall Allan Designs.  He uses CAD to design and manufacture furniture.  He has blessed us with a grandchild as well.  Kayla is 4 y.o. and lives with her mother in Bremerton.  Steve & I have been fortunate that all 3 of our children live so near.
My parents are close to us (just 1 block down the road). They are in their 80's and are dealing with the usual health issues that seniors need to endure! Ha Ha,  I guess we fit into that same category.  I don't know about you, but I am definitely beginning to feel my mortality.
I'm fortunate to say that I am a cancer survivor (1999).  I do the Relays to support cancer research each year and volunteer with our community Hospice.   Ever notice how the conversation at our age always seems to focus on health issues..Why is that, do you suppose???
Hope to see you at the reunion, Bill.  Maybe we'll have time to get caught up.  Looking forward to seeing Martin too.  I likely won't recognize anyone, so I hope the name tags are done in VERY LARGE LETTERS.  Can't wait to read the update book.  Guess I better send some money to LeaAnne. (I just re-read the directions, and I do see that I missed the deadline, so don't worry about the above; at least you'll know what I've been doing lately!)

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